Seminary Now


Seminary Now is a subscription-based, streaming video platform that delivers exclusive biblical, theological, and practical ministry training from a diverse group of leading educators and thought leaders. 

Seminary Now believes a diversity of voices is required to help church leaders meet the demands of ministry today. In addition to providing access to the teaching of leading seminary professors, we believe important and relevant content comes from thought leaders outside the seminary walls, including the sometimes neglected contributions of women and persons of color. We fill this gap using technology to make training accessible to those who desire to lead the church in a changing environment.
No, Seminary Now is meant to provide on-ramps to deeper education, including seminary and other forms of learning, as well as continuing education for Christian leaders facing new challenges.
Seminary Now offers non-credit streaming video courses and for-credit courses to see if seminary is right for you.
Earn a certificate from Seminary Now by completing 8 courses in a learning track. Course completion entails watching the course, completing the learning workbook, and passing a comprehension quiz.
Yes, Seminary Now grants 8 CEUs per completed certificate.
Seminary Now offers for-credit courses that can be a pathway into seminary. Click on the "Earn Credit" tab in the top toolbar to learn more.
Yes, all courses have English subtitles for the hearing impaired and non-native English speakers. Turn them on in the menu settings for each video.
Yes, group pricing offers (1) multiple logins for the leaders of a church or ministry, and (2) a group viewing license for small groups to watch a course together synchronously. Complete this form for more information.
No, you must have a group or church subscription for group viewing. Complete this form for more information.
Seminary Now is available on most smartphone, tablet, and TV apps. Search your app store to download and start watching. The quizzes are only available in a web browser.
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