Reading and Living the Bible Well

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A streaming video course from Glenn Paauw at Seminary Now. 

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Saving the Bible from Ourselves

Paauw introduces us to seven understandings of the Bible as steps to recovering one deeply engaged Bible. With each “new” Bible presented, deficiencies in how we currently interact with the Bible are explored, followed by recommendations for a new practice. The Bible’s transformative power is recovered when we remove the chains Christians have applied to it over the centuries.

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Meet Your Teacher

Glenn R. Paauw serves with the Institute for Bible Reading and is the author of Saving the Bible from Ourselves. Previously, he was vice president of global Bible engagement at Biblica. In his twenty-six years at Biblica Paauw’s work ranged from leading Scripture evangelism seminars at churches nationwide to overseeing the nonprofit publishing of the NIV, NVI, and NIRV translations in North America. He led the development of the revolutionary The Books of the Bible format that uncovers the natural literary form of the Scriptures and reintroduces people to the grand narrative of the Bible.


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