Do Justice Webinar

A Conversation About the Biblical Call to be Disciples who Do Justice:

Moving Beyond Diversity to Justice and Solidarity

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About the Panelists

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Christina Barland Edmondson

Christina Barland Edmondson is a higher education instructor, organizational consultant, and co-host of the Truth's Table podcast. Christina holds a PhD in counseling psychology from Tennessee State University, an MS degree in family therapy from the University of Rochester, and a bachelor's degree in sociology from Hampton University.

Chad Brennan

Chad Brennan is coordinator of the Race, Religion, and Justice Project, and founder of Renew Partnerships, a Christian research and consulting ministry that focuses on diversity and race in faith-based organizations.

Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland is an Evangelist & Elder at Los Angeles International Church of Christ and Senior Pastor at Turning Point Church. He holds a Masters degree from the Harding School of Theology, and is a coach with the Racial Justice & Unity Center.

Robert Carrillo

Robert Carrillo has worked with International Charities and participated in United Nations efforts to eradicate global poverty through Hope Worldwide. He has organized Justice efforts working with Refugees, Migrants and the end Barrio Warfare Coalition. He holds an MDiv and is a Doctoral Candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Do Justice. Love Mercy.

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